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Mitigating Exposure

No other application delivers role-based authorization and redaction with bullet proof security like Docuhide.

Docuhide Table Heading Logo Adobe Redactable Microsoft
Impervious to Man in the Middle Attacks yes yes yes no
Parent Document Integrity yes yes no yes
Private Key Encryption Per Document yes no no no
Important ANY Office Document yes no no no
Secure Distribution List yes no no no
Audit Trail yes yes yes no
Action Reports yes no no no
TTL - Time To Live yes no yes no
Permission Revocation while in Transit yes no no no
Permission Revocation while at Rest yes no no no

We’ve learned very little since the extortive behavior of WikiLeaks, endless government leakage, industrial espionage and ransomware cases. Without a newly imposed tamper-proof architecture that is intuitive and provides users more granular control, the problem continues to fester.

Whether intentional or accidentally, whether classified or not, document management and distribution continue to lack affordability, intuitiveness, ample security and user-friendly efficiencies for safely archiving, reading, authoring, and transmitting digital media.

Current infrastructure is obviously in need of an overhaul. Quality assurance, document security management, permission clearance scalability, with user metrics can be achieved through an easy-to-use, signature-based document repository subscription like DocuSign but with an added layer of redaction and readership. A new vertical aptly named Docuhide would be marketed as a first DAS (document as service) provider. Such a service would mitigate risk from nefarious actors whose sole intent is to profit by exposing personal, financial, government, medical, legal, intellectual property, or otherwise privileged information. Docuhide would provide a new level of tamperproof security for documents that is administratively tethered and protected by the author / issuer regardless of document destination while at rest or in transit to the DAS (document as service) provider.

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