Real DocumentRedaction

Tamperproof role-based authorization and redaction. Complete document end-point protection while at rest and in transit. Docuhide is the only redaction engine using patent-pending technology that delivers your classified content without the threat of theft or ransom.

This is NOT masking, this is real redaction.

The need for developing newer adaptive document security with safer standards that protects individuals and organizations from digital leakage, stolen trade secrets, industrial espionage, and personal and financial record theft has been left wanting until now.

Embellished Docuhide Logo slightly rotated.A Classified Document that has been redacted.

Protection At Rest and In-transit

Docuhide mitigates forgery by tokenizing the master (parent) document first, securing while at rest and in transit.

Since redacted areas of a document are role-based, security continues by dynamically issuing a private key to every document newly created and to each recipient.